Press Release : Pioneering Watchmaker TRAVISLEON Redefines the Smart Luxury Wristwatch with Launch of the Heirloom Collection

January 20, 2015

Pioneering Watchmaker TRAVISLEON Redefines the Smart Luxury Wristwatch with Launch of the Heirloom Collection

Thursday, January 22, 2015 – Singapore, Singapore: Innovative watch brand TRAVISLEON kicks-off 2015 by redefining the smart luxury timepiece for the young, modern watch wearer. With their reinvention of the classic automatic wristwatch, TRAVISLEON is breaking new grounds in watch-making with their debut Heirloom collection of watches – reflecting their worldly sense of style and their redefinition of practical luxury.

Born out of a rekindled love for timepieces, Malaysian-born co-founders Travis Tan, 29, and Leon Leong, 29, have turned their passion into an all-new brand for the stylish, modern, young professional. TRAVISLEON grew out of the founders’ vision of smart luxury – timeless style and impeccable mechanical movement in an affordable timepiece for the modern professional.

No strangers to entrepreneurship, Travis and Leon have worked together since they were 19-years-old, launching, expanding and selling their own printing company. During a work trip to Milan, Travis was fascinated by the intricate craftsmanship of a mechanical watch – despite its lack of any electronics. Soon afterwards, a mentorship under a respected Hong Kong watchmaker inspired what would become TRAVISLEON. “We’ve always shared a love for simple, timeless designs on watches – so we wanted to create a unique brand that was classic luxury but built for the modern professional,” says Travis.

From the beginning, the founders knew TRAVISLEON would be more than just a regular watch brand. In launching the brand they decided: TRAVISLEON would only build mechanical watches, a tribute to their first introduction to horology. “The mechanics and story behind each watch I saw inspired me. Our love for mechanical timepieces grew and we constantly sought out ways we could design it better,” says Leon.

Today the TRAVISLEON brand stands for world-class values, of luxury that is backed by practical sensibilities. The founders wanted to design a watch that would elevate the wearer; from a fresh-graduate preparing for his first interview to a young executive purchasing her first luxury timepiece. “We want to be your top choice when selecting your first high-end watch. It’s classic with a modern twist, perfect for the young watch-wearer,” adds Travis.

Each TRAVISLEON watch is assembled by hand, each element painstakingly designed, developed and decided-upon by the founders. Both Travis and Leon are heavily involved in the entire process, discussing the feel, direction and emotion of each watch – before even putting a single design to paper. Then, months of sketching, designing and refining take place, while care is devoted to even the smallest elements of each watch – resulting in a unique, artisanal brand of timepieces which have garnered global attention.

Their first entry into the fine art of horology, the Heirloom collection has been labelled a world-class luxury timepiece but without the high price tag. A unique offering that combines the best of Japanese functions and Swiss design – the Heirloom comes in a silver or rose gold PVD with a variety of dials to accommodate many styles, suited to both men and women. When glancing at the Heirloom, the eye is drawn immediately to the date, interestingly placed upon the 6, as opposed to the 3. On closer inspection, six individual screws hold the case back, a Swiss-inspired element that serves both a design and functional purpose. The Japanese movement is sleek, reliable and slim – nearly half the thickness of most movements in the market today.

Currently the founders are in the process of making their watches available at key boutiques in Singapore who share their passion for ‘smart luxury timepieces,’ while early purchases are available via Kickstarter. The Heirloom usually retails from USD 330  but is currently available on Kickstarter from only USD 230. Special benefits to early backers of TRAVISLEON are free engraving and an extra calf leather strap. For more information, visit



Founded in 2014 by childhood friends Travis Tan and Leon Leong, the young brand seeks to redefine the smart luxury timepiece – creating watches that are beautiful, stylish and functional, yet affordable. Based in Singapore, TRAVISLEON transcends borders, the watches available globally online and via selected high fashion boutiques. TRAVISLEON seeks to captivate and thrill a whole new generation of watch-enthusiasts with their unique, timeless designs that combine the best of the old and the new.  

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